In this guide we will inform all the key aspects of Child Support FL step by step, For Example, how to contact, how to apply, what laws are in place and how it works.

Child Support Florida Law

The Attorney General’s Office’s Child Support Enforcement Bureau in Florida Regulate the Child Support in the State. In situations involving children who live in Florida, the Child Support Enforcement Bureau offers legal services online through Dept. Of Revenue child support Florida according to the Florida Statutes 61, 88, 287, 409, and 742.

How does works Child Support FL?

Child Support in Florida is a scheme in which the state of Florida ensures that both parents financially support their children, regardless of whether they are married or not. The state requires both parents to pay for their children’s upkeep and guarantee that they are properly cared for.

In Florida, parents are required to submit and share financial affidavits. This is filled out to verify the income and expenditures of each parent. The information may then be used by the court to calculate how much each parent pays in child support. Child support is determined by a variety of criteria, including the number of children supported and the parents’ total net salaries.

What programs does the government offer for child support in Florida?

Open a child support case

You need to fill out an application with your local child support office to start a child support case.

Check with your local child support office to determine whether a child support case is already active. If you receive assistance from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, generally known as TANF.

Locate the other parent

The first thing we need is to know is where the other parent lives or works.

There’s no guarantee we’ll find the other parent, but the more information you provide, like the other parent’s date of birth and social security number, the easier it’ll be.

Establish parentage

you can establish parentage after finding the parent. In case it is not yet established.

Establish a support order

We can establish the child support order, and determine the amount of payment.

We use child support guidelines to calculate how much a parent should contribute to the child’s financial support.

If you already have a child support order, we don’t need to establish a new one.

Set up payment

The most common way we set up payment is to deduct the payment from the parent’s paycheck and distribute the money to the other parent or guardian.

It’s an easy way to make and keep a record of child support payments.

Enforce the support order

When the parent doesn’t pay the full amount or doesn’t pay at all, we use enforcement remedies like: Withholding child support from paychecks, unemployment or worker’s compensation benefits, Intercepting income tax refunds, and Reporting delinquent child support payments to credit reporting bureaus.

Review the order

The local child support office reviews your child support order up to three years after it is set. Only if one or both parents want to request it.

They can also request a review before the three years if they experience substantial changes in circumstances like job loss or incarceration.

Child Support Florida Contact

Child support disbursement unit florida phone number

Call and Get Information about Payments with the Phone Number: 1-877-769-0251.

Child support Florida customer service number

Call And Recieve Information About Any Case in: 1-850-488-(5437) for Kids, 1-800-955-8771 for Florida Relay Service, and For the Miami Dade County 1-305-530-2600.

Send a Fax  to Child Support FL

You can Send Information by fax in: 850-921-0792.

Child support Florida forms for Contact by Email

Use for Contac the Form 24/7. Fill the data and Send the Electronic Mail.

Child Support FL Contact


Child support FL Chat

You can use the child support Florida chat between 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. Fill the information and start to chat online.


child support florida revenue chat

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