In this tutorial we are going to teach you all about Child Support FL payments. Follow the step by step guide to make payments, receive payments or choose a payment option in Child Support Florida.

Child Support FL Agreement on Payment

The Child Support Program (CSP) is a government-funded program that a parent who owes support may engage into a payment arrangement to assist prevent enforcement proceedings by negotiating conditions for payment of past-due support. Support that is past due is still owing, although it may be paid off over time.

How To Pay Child Support Florida?

To pay for Child Support FL there are 4 ways you can make the payment: Online, Cash, Employer or Mail.

1. Make Child Support Payment in Florida Online

You can make online payments by credit card or eCheck with the Smart Child Support Florida platform or with the Child Support My Florida Portal.

Smart ePay Child Support Payments

If we are going to pay by smart ePay We access your platform: Once inside select the Pay By Credit Card button.

Pay Child Support Florida

Then we list the information and click on Next.

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Finally we begin to fill in our information until the end.

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When paying with an electronic check on our platform, there are no costs. When paying with credit card, fees may apply per transaction. Credit card payments are also processed and forwarded to parents within two business days. Electronic check payments (from your bank account) are processed and sent to parents within four business days.

My Florida Child Support Payments

To pay FL Child Support Log in to the MyFlorida website: Once inside the platform we log in if we have an account and if we don’t we can create it to make the payment. We also have the option to pay without an account. We select it if we wish.

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Subsequently to start they will only ask for a Case Number and with that we can pay by any means When making payments, be in mind that fees may apply.

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Credit card payments are processed and forwarded to parents within three business days. Electronic check payments (from your bank account) are processed and forwarded to parents in 5 working days.

2. Payments By Withholding Of Wage

The most efficient method to pay and collect child support is via payroll deduction. When the program issues a wage withholding notice, the employer is required to make timely and consistent payments for the employee. Wage withholding accounts for more than half of all child support collections.

3. Payments Child Support FL by Mail

You pay by mail by sending it to the Florida State Disbursement Unit at:

  • Disbursement Unit of the State of Florida
  • P.O. Box 8500.
  • 32314-8500 Tallahassee, Florida

To minimize processing delays, ensure sure the following information is clearly printed on your payment:

  1. Your given name.
  2. The name of the other parent.
  3. The number of the court case or the child support case.
  4. The name of the county in which the order was issued.
  5. Attach a thorough breakdown of the payments planned for each case if the payment is for more than one instance.

*Contact Florida State Disbursement Unit Customer Service at 1-877-769-0251 if you don’t know your court case number, child support case number, or the county where the court order was issued.

4. Payments CS Fl with Cash

You may use these money transfer services to pay child support in cash:

AMSCOT is number one.

where to pay child support

MONEYGRAM is the second item on the list.

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child support florida card

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Payments made via any of these money transfer providers may take up to 7 business days to reach their intended recipient.

How To Recieve Payments From Child Support FL?

To receive your child support payments you can do it by Direct Deposit where you must have an account or register with Smart Child Support or you can also receive it by Child Support Florida card (SmiOne-Visa).

SmiOne(TM) Visa Prepaid Card For get Child Support

You make purchases and withdraw cash, and you can do so with the smiONE Visa Prepaid Card. This option will deposit support money into your smiONE Prepaid Card account automatically. Access to SmiOne Portal.


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It is not possible to forward cards. Call Florida State Disbursement Unit Customer Service at 1-877-769-0251 to amend your postal address if it has changed after your card was issued.

Direct Deposit for Recieve Child Support

Support payments will be sent directly into your bank or savings account. Contact your bank for deposit details if you receive payments through direct deposit. To get a direct deposit, go to the platform.


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Details of Child Support FL Payments on eServices

Remember that you can consult your payment history in EServices, both those you have made and those you receive.

If you are the Parent Who is Due Support or If you are the Parent Who Owes Support, you can:

  1. View Your Payments on eServices.
  2. View Your Payment Details.
  3. Search for Payments Received.
  4. View Your Payment Receipt Method.


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