In the state of Georgia it is easy to Apply, Pay, Check Status, Log in or Calculate Child Support. All we need to do is follow the procedures step by step carefully.

You may apply for the services if you reside in Georgia, have legal custody of a child, and need assistance getting child support payments. A noncustodial parent, or a parent without custody, may submit an application to establish paternity or request a review of the support judgment.

The Georgia Division of Child Support Services offers support to noncustodial parents that reside outside of the state. For the purpose of determining and collecting child support, states work together. However, there may be a delay since the child support agency and judicial system of the other state may be engaged.

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Grandparents In GA Child Support

The Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) makes several efforts to connect with grandparents raising grandkids and other family members. They love and respect grandparents and other family members who are parenting grandkids, and they recognize that raising a child may be difficult.

Grandparents or other family members may apply for free child support assistance at a local DCSS office, online via the DCSS Customer Online Services, by filling out an Application for Services, or in person. DCSS may also get referrals from the Division of Family and Children Services or the Division of Aging Services.

How Child Support in Georgia Process is?

We should realize that there are various steps involved in the Georgia child support procedure:

1. File a Georgia Child Support lawsuit.

2. Track down the parent who does not have custody (NCP).

3. Establish the paternity.

4. Obtain an order for assistance.

5. Setting up payments

6. Verify that the support sequence was followed.

7. Go back and review the order.