In this tutorial we explain how to apply for Child Support Georgia, from the requirements to fulfill, the documents to submitt and the online application. Follow the step by step of Ga Child Support guidelines below.

Apply For Ga Child Support

To apply for Child Support Georgia you must download the appropriate form with the instructions, print it, fill it out and mail it to any Child Support Georgia office near you. Choose the case you have and start filling it out and signing it.

1. Opening a case in Georgia without a prior order: (Establishment of Paternity/Order)


Child Support Ga

2. Opening a case in Georgia with the noncustodial parent (NCP) residing in Georgia and previous orders: (Review Modifications/Enforcement)


Ga Child Support

3. Opening a case in Georgia while the NCP lives in another state: (Paternity/Order Establishment, Review Modifications/Enforcement)


Georgia Child Support

The Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) requires the HIPAA Authorization and Privacy Notice in all circumstances where:

  1. Do genetic testing.
  2. When the applicant, child(ren), or noncustodial parent becomes handicapped, the impairment may have an impact on the case’s enforcement.

Please sign and return these forms to DCSS with your new application. By doing so, you’re agreeing to the attorney representing DCSS disclosing protected health information if it’s judged necessary.

HIPAA Authorization for Child Support Georgia

The attorney may use the authorization for the following purposes:

  1. The biological parent or legal guardian proves that he or she is the biological parent or legal guardian of your child in order to apply for child support.
  2. To identify whether the child(ren) has any specific medical needs that necessitate further medical assistance or specialized health or educational services.
  3. Allowing DCSS to share your, the opposing party’s, or the child’s genetic testing findings.
  4. To prove that you have a complete or partial handicap that prevents or limits your capacity to work.
  5. To reply to any court order relating to any child support action initiated on behalf of the kid.

Please be aware that you will not receive a complete copy of the genetic test results if you refuse to sign the HIPAA Authorization and Privacy Notice.

You can consult the location of the nearest office to send the documentation. (Click Here)

Office Georgia Child Support

How to Apply for Child Support GA Online?

Start Georgia Child Support Application Online

To apply for child support in the state of Georgia online we must enter the official DCSS website by searching for it in any browser or by clicking this direct link Once inside the portal we select the option that we need. In case of being the first time click on Start a New Application and fill in the conditions that we find and click on Next.

child support services ga

We will now read the instructions and requirements to continue and click Next.

child support recovery ga

child support ga phone number

Then start filling in all the fields to create a contract, then click next. And the next part will be to select the type of service we want and click next.

child support ga customer service

modification of child support georgia

child support savannah ga

Fill the Data to Apply for GA Child Support

In this section we must complete all the information requested, we can select the field according to the information we have available.

child support lawyer georgia

check child support balance ga

You can fill in the data sequentially or you can click the Save For Later button to skip a field and continue later.

dhr child support ga

Some fields are mandatory, others are optional. The application must complete with all the necessary information to ensure that the process is efficient and does not have delays.

dhs child support ga

child support ga login portal

ocse child support ga

Review your Application of Child Support Georgia

When we finish filling in all the data it will take us to the review part where it shows us if we have missed any field to fill in. Finally when everything is correct our application number appear and our file can be saved and we click on next.

check child support ga

child support ga app

Pay and Finish with our application

In this part we accept the terms and conditions, if we want to print the summary in case any office asks us for it later. We do it with the option View Printer Friendly.

login child support ga

dfcs child support ga

And finally we will continue with the payment of the Child Support service.

apply for child support georgia

pay child support ga


At the time of payment, the Georgia Department of Child Support will follow up with your case. The GA Office of Child Support may contact you at some point to request additional information or to execute a proceeding. You can check the status of your application at the same link above.

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