In this guide we will walk you through the Georgia Child Support process step by step.

Process of Ga Child Support Application

Before begin we should know that the Georgia Child Support process has several parts:

1. Open a case for Georgia Child Support

To learn how to initiate a case, any parent can call to the office at 1-844-MYGADHS (1-844-694-2347). Without needing to apply, anybody who gets assistance from the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program or some Medicaid benefits can receive assistance through DCSS. All others must fill out an application and pay a $25 charge. By contacting 1-844-MYGADHS, you may request an application be emailed to you, or you can fill out an application online, download one, or have one shipped to you (1-844-694-2347).

2. Find the parent who is not the custodial parent (NCP)

DCSS has to know where the noncustodial parent lives and/or works in order to obtain a support order, establish paternity, or enforce a support order. If you don’t know where the other parent resides or the location is out of state, it might take months to obtain child support. The more information you supply, such as the other parent’s date of birth and social security number, the easier it will be to locate the other parent.

3. Determine paternity

Paternity must confirm before a court may order child support and medical support. DCSS will order a paternity test if paternity has not yet been proven or if paternity has been established but is being challenged. Testing need to done by swabbing the inside of the cheek (saliva) or collecting a blood sample. The exam has a 99 percent accuracy rate.

4. Request a support order

The Child Support Ga Laws determine a child support order, which takes into account both parents’ income and the number of children. Other aspects may taken into account in some cases

If either parent can get acceptable medical insurance for the kid, the court will take it into account when determining the amount of child support to be paid. Typically, if the NCP can get health insurance for the kid at a fair cost, that parent will be required to do so.

5. Payments setup

The child support order made withdraws the amount of child support from the NCP’s salary.. In most circumstances, state law demands prompt income withholding. This is a simple way for the NCP to pay child support. It also keeps track of payments paid for the NCP. Support payments have to made as instructed in the court order, if they do not taken from the NCP’s salary. It is critical to keep detailed records of all payments made.

NCPs who have a case with DCSS and are unable to pay child support may benefit from the Fatherhood Program.

6. Make sure the followed support order

If the NCP does not pay the full amount or does not pay at all, the enforcement action applies.

A parent may place in contempt of court if he or she fails to comply with a support order. If the NCP fails to make support payments or maintains the requisite medical insurance, a contempt action may be initiated against them. NCPs who are found in contempt of court may be fined, imprisoned, or both. If the NCP is unable to pay, the judge may order that he or she enroll in the Fatherhood Program or the Parental Accountability Court. The NCP is still expected to pay the entire amount of current and past-due support even if they are enrolled in one of these programs.

One of the following steps may use to enforce the child support order:

  1. Withholding child support payments from wages, unemployment benefits, or weekly worker’s compensation cheques.
  2. The federal and/or state governments intercept refunds.
  3. The three credit reporting bureaus are notified of the parent’s late child support payments.
  4. The government suspends or revokes an NCP’s driver’s, professional, occupational, or recreational hunting or fishing license if the NCP fails to pay child support as ordered.
  5. Government intercepts lottery prizes that reach $2,500.
  6. Filing contempt actions in higher court, which might lead to a prison sentence if the NCP is found in contempt.
  7. Liens are filed against linked bank accounts, lump sum worker’s compensation awards, and real and personal property.
  8. A person who owes more than $2,500 in child support may have their passport denied, suspended, or revoked.

7. Revise the sequence again

Both parents have the right to seek DCSS to review a child support order three years after it becomes effective, unless there has been a significant change in circumstances. For orders less than three years old, a substantial change in circumstances must proven. The request must file in writing to the child support office that is responsible for their case. The local office’s evaluation may result in a recommendation that reduce, increase, or maintaine the level of support. It is also possible to add medical insurance to the order. Check your Case.

Child Support Georgia Contact

The Georgia child support number to call is 1-844-694-2347.

Child Support GA Offices

Consult your nearest office at this link: Select the region and click Go.

Georgia Child Support Offices

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