In this manual we will explain the basics of Child Support in Illinois, as well as how to contact them in a variety of ways. Follow the recommendations step by step.

What are Child Support services in Illinois?

All parents or caregivers may use the Services for free.

It’s simple and, best of all, free to sign up for services. Enrollment is as simple as submitting a Child Support Application. Please do not send another application if you have an open case with our department or if you have previously submitted one, unless your matter has been resolved.

Determine Paternity

Children should be familiar with both of their parents. they can assist in confirming and documenting the father’s identity if the parents are not married when the child is born. Using a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Fatherhood (VAP) form, they may aid in proving paternity. To prove paternity without going to court, both parents must sign the VAP. Alternately, genetic testing may be used to determine paternity. Establishing paternity establishes a legal tie between the father and the kid.

Put a Order

Following the determination of paternity, they may assist you in obtaining a child support order. This is a legal document that specifies when, how often, and how much child support a parent is required to pay. This may involve medical support. Occasionally medical support is a financial sum to be paid by the parent who owes support and sometimes that parent is obliged to provide medical insurance for the child(ren). To obtain a ballpark estimate of how much child support you could be eligible for under State of Illinois regulations, use our Child Support Estimator. Fill out a Child Support Application if you need help creating an order.

Enforce a directive

They realize that occasionally things may not work out the way you intended. But when a kid is involved, it’s crucial that everyone keep the youngster’s welfare in mind. Our responsibility is to see that the law is followed. To address the child’s requirements, they try to cooperate with both parents. By delivering an income withholding notice to the employer of the parent who owes child support, the Department may enforce a child support order.

Order Quantity Adjustment or Order Modification

To make sure child support awards are compliant with Illinois law and evolving circumstances, the Division of Child Support Services may review child support orders.

A modification often follows a significant change in the parent’s financial situation. The outcome of a review might decide whether child support payments should rise, decrease, or stay the same. For further details, see the Request a Modification page.

Gather pending or overdue payments

To address the child’s requirements, they try to cooperate with both parents. they will try to collect child support payments using the following strategies if your support is not being paid:

  1. Offset tax intercept
  2. Reported by credit agencies.
  3. Denial of a passport.
  4. refusal to grant or suspension of a license (driving, hunting, fishing, or professional).
  5. Lien on property, bank accounts, etc.
  6. Court proceeding.
  7. Receiving unemployment compensation.

Up until the past-due support is paid, DCSS will keep track of balances and will deduct a late amount from any future income withholding.

Find Parents

They can assist if you are unsure about the other parent’s address or place of employment. they may still provide you our free services even if the parent is in a different state or country. they use the National New Hire Reporting Service, Federal Parent Locator Service, Illinois Department of Employment Security, and Illinois Secretary of State in order to find a parent.

Please be aware that DCSS cannot provide legal advice on how to:

  1. Get a divorce.
  2. Get or modify visitation or custody.
  3. Get a court order to pay for your education expenditures.

How To Contact To Illinois Child Support

Where are the IL Child Support Office?

Child Support IL Local Office

IL Child Support IL Local Office

Send a Email Asking About Child Support IL


Call the Following Numbers

About General Questions and Get Your Case Information: 1-800-447-4278 or 1-800-526-5812

About Payments Information: 1-877-225-7077