This post will help you to know all the relevant information about Child Support in Minnesota. Also, if you have any questions, it will tell you how you can contact a child support office or agent to provide you with information about your case. Let’s continue with the step-by-step guidelines.

How does Child Support MN work?

Kid support is the sum of money that a parent must pay to the other parent or caregiver for the benefit of the child. The assistance might be stipulated in an interim, short-term, long-term, or amended court order in:

  1. Legal separation or divorce.
  2. Parental involvement.
  3. A protective order
  4. A custody dispute.
  5. Separate legal action for child support.

Services for child support are offered to:

  1. Parents who make court-ordered income withholdings for child support.
  2. If one parent does not reside with the kid, the parents of minor children.
  3. Those who have physical custody of a minor kid by court order.
  4. People who live with a little kid and get governmental aid.

Child support offices provide the following services:

  1. Finding the parents.
  2. Determining parental status.
  3. Establishing judicial orders for child care, medical, and basic sustenance.
  4. Enforcing support orders issued by courts.
  5. Reviewing and changing support-related court orders.
  6. When one parent does not reside in Minnesota, collaborating with other states to enforce support.
  7. Processing payments that are collected.

Child support services are unable to assist with:

  1. Divorces.
  2. Parental leave and legal custody.
  3. Establishment of spousal support (alimony).
  4. legal guidance or advice.

In child support court proceedings, neither parent is represented by child support offices or county lawyers. Instead, they advocate for the kid’s best interests in accordance with the obligations of child support laws and regulations. In Minnesota, where parents may represent themselves, child support disputes can also be settled quickly.

Rights and obligations of parents

Every child support order in Minnesota has Appendix A as an annex. It explains to parents their legal rights and obligations.

Privileged data

Public child support information is available upon request. According to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, case-specific information is categorized as private data. The Act prohibits child support employees from disclosing case details without permission.

You may provide either nonpublic or private information about a person to:

  1. The individual whose data is being collected.
  2. The data may be seen by others as permitted by law.
  3. The data is accessible to anybody who requests access in writing from the data subject.

How To Contact With Minnesota Child Support Offices?

Customer Service Phone Numbers MN

  • For payment information, updates or general information call 651-431-4340 or 800-657-3512.
  • For information about passport denials, tax refund intercepts, deposits and withdrawals, and other issues. Call 651-431-4400.

Correspondence Address

Minnesota Department of Human Services
Child Support Division
P.O. Box 64946
St. Paul, MN 55164-0946

Child Support Offices in Minnesota

Review the Directory of Offices nearest your location for assistance with your case if you have no way to call, no idea how to apply for services, and no idea how to get in touch online.