In Missouri you are able to perform Child Support online procedures such as Inquiry, Payment, Application, Calculation, among others. To do so, follow the step-by-step instructions that will be presented to you.

How Child Support works in Missouri?

Finding parents, proving paternity, and initiating or carrying out child support and medical support orders are all things that the Child Support program may assist with. Both the parent who has custody of the kid and the parent who does not have custody of the child may get assistance.

To ensure that children get the assistance they need, they also collaborate closely with businesses.

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What is the duration of the existing support order?

The outcome of the court case will determine this. Until the court orders otherwise, you must make the monthly payment required by the support order. Your support order might expire if/when:

  1. The youngster marries.
  2. The kid perishes.
  3. The kid enlists in the military.
  4. Since the kid can now sustain themselves, the custodial parent has ceased providing for them.
  5. If the youngster does not continue their schooling, they become 18 (unless the child is mentally or physically impaired).
  6. The youngster continues their education beyond high school, they become 21.

If you have several support orders, what happens to the support payment?

In the event that you are required to pay several support orders, your money will be divided as follows:

  1. The appropriate payment will be sent to each active support order if your contribution is sufficient to cover all of them.
  2. Your payment will be shared among all of your existing support orders depending on how much is owing if it is insufficient to pay for all of them (Equitably the order with the highest amount of support will receive the largest share of the payment).
  3. If you make a payment that exceeds the total of all current support obligations for all orders, the excess amount will be applied to any past-due support obligations for any or all purchases.
  4. Based on the total amount of past-due support, the amount reimbursed will be distributed across all orders.
  5. The support order you owe the most money on will get the majority of your additional funds.

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