In the State of New Jersey you can find everything you need to know about Filing, Inquiring, Applying, Paying, Calculating your Child Support obligation. Follow the step-by-step instructions below.

The New Jersey Child Support Program’s Purpose

No of where they live or how they get along with others, both parents should provide their kids the financial, emotional, and medical support they need to grow up to be responsible individuals. The New Jersey Child Support Program steps in at this point.

In NJ, both parents are involved in every child support case. One is the parent who primarily cares for the child on a day-to-day basis and resides with them, known as the custodial parent (or payee). The other has major duties and is the non-custodial parent, commonly referred to as the payor.

Parenting together is necessary to keep a good relationship with your child. Even if one person could be in charge of daily tasks, sharing responsibility is essential to ensuring that kids are supported and succeed.

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The services are provided by who?

The County Welfare Agencies (CWA), the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), the County Family Divisions of the Superior Court, and the County Probation Division, in conjunction with the Department of Human Services’ Division of Family Development and the Office of Child Support Services, can provide support services to your family in New Jersey (the State Title IV-D agency).

What services for child support are offered in New Jersey?

Child support services include locating the parent who is required to support your child(ren), establishing legally who is your child’s biological parent, obtaining a court order for child support and medical support services (if affordable), collecting support payments, keeping accurate records of payments, and enforcing the support order.

When are services terminated?

In the following circumstances, child support obligations may be terminated:

  • Despite the fact that cooperation is necessary to implement or enforce the order, the Obligee refuses to cooperate.
  • For a period of sixty days, the Obligee cannot be contacted, and mail sent to that person is being returned.
  • One cannot establish paternity.
  • The Obligor becomes untraceable, dies, enters a facility, moves to a foreign country without reciprocity, or does any of these things.
  • The family is no longer obligated to pay support, and no back support is due.
  • The obligee shall be notified in writing 60 days before the decision is taken to discontinue providing child support services.


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