In NJ each parent, both the mother and father, is accountable for making sure their kid has access to adequate food, clothing, and a secure home. However, some kids may not get the help they need.

Function of the New Jersey Child Support Program

Regardless of their living arrangements or interpersonal relationships, both parents should provide their children the financial, emotional, and medical assistance they need to develop into responsible adults. This is where the New Jersey Child Support Program comes in.

Every child support case in NJ involves two parents. One is the parent who has main day-to-day responsibilities and lives with the kid, known as the custodial parent (or payee). The non-custodial parent (sometimes known as the payor), who also has significant obligations, is the other.

Maintaining a positive connection with your kid requires co-parenting. Even if one individual may handle day-to-day responsibilities, Sharing responsibility is crucial to accomplish children’s support and achievement.

Who supplies the services?

Your family can receive support services in New Jersey from the County Welfare Agencies (CWA), the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), the County Family Divisions of the Superior Court, and the County Probation Division in collaboration with the Department of Human Services (DHS) – Division of Family Development (DFD) – Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) (the State Title IV-D agency).

What Child Support services are provided in New Jersey?

Locating the parent who is obligated to provide for your child(ren), legally determining who is your child’s biological parent, obtaining a court order for child support and medical support services (if available at a reasonable cost), collecting support payments, maintaining accurate records of payments, and enforcing the support order are all included in child support services.

Paternity Establishment

There are many techniques to prove paternity:

  1. When a kid is born while a couple is still married, the husband is assumed to be the father, and paternity does not need to be proven.
  2. A Certificate of Parentage may be signed by both parents if the kid is born unmarried.
  3. To get a paternity ruling from the Family Division, a complaint may be submitted. Genetic testing or parental permission are both acceptable ways to prove paternity.

Child Support NJ Enforcement Method

The Child Support Agency chooses the method of enforcement based on the accuracy and accessibility of the case data as well as state legislation. The method of enforcing the order cannot be decided by the obligee.

When the Services Are Terminated

Child support obligations may end in the following situations:

  1. The Obligee refuses to comply, despite the fact that cooperation is required to make or enforce the order.
  2. The Obligee cannot be reached for a period of sixty days, and mail sent to such individual is being returned.
  3. Paternity cannot be proven.
  4. The Obligor passes away, enters an institution, relocates to a foreign nation without reciprocity, or is untraceable.
  5. There is no longer a support obligation to the family and no back support is payable.

60 days before the decision to stop providing child support services is made, the obligee will be informed in writing.

The Child Support New Jersey Agency’s limitations

The Child Support Agency is forbidden from:

  1. Serve as your legal advocate or designate an attorney to handle your case.
  2. Deal with issues concerning custody, visitation, or property division (court intervention necessary).
  3. Issue a warrant or make an arrest (court action necessary).
  4. Put your signature on documents (for example, bankruptcy claims, a Warrant of Satisfaction or Release of Lien for judgments, or request to emancipate a child).

New Jersey Child Support Contact

The general telephone number for the child support agency is: 1-877-NJKIDS1 (1-877-655-4371). You can also contact the various state office phone numbers:

County Social Service Agencies
ATLANTIC (609) 348-3001
BERGEN (201) 368-4200
BURLINGTON (609) 261-1000
CAMDEN (856) 225-8800
CAPE MAY (609) 886-6200
CUMBERLAND (856) 691-4600
ESSEX (973) 733-3000
GLOUCESTER (856) 582-9200
HUDSON (201) 420-3000
HUNTERDON (908) 788-1300
MERCER (609) 989-4320
MIDDLESEX (732) 745-3500
MONMOUTH (732) 431-6000 Ext. 4200
MORRIS (973) 326-7800
OCEAN (732) 349-1500
PASSAIC (973) 881-0100
SALEM (856) 299-7200
SOMERSET (908) 526-8800
SUSSEX (973) 579-0559
UNION Elizabeth Office: (908) 965-2700 or Plainfield Office: (908) 791-7000
WARREN (908) 475-6331

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