In this guide we will show you how to apply for Ohio child support. For them follow the step by step instructions that we will be presenting to you.

Make a request for OH Child Support OH Services

The Ohio Child Support Program was created to help Ohioan families. Services provided by your local county Child Support Enforcement Agency are free, and there is no application fee (CSEA). Anyone with a kid resident in Ohio is eligible to apply for services, which are not income-based. The CSEA may begin a child support case after receiving:

  1. Request by a parent or carer for child support assistance.
  2. A court-issued decree for child support.
  3. State or country’s request for child support assistance.
  4. A request made by the Protective Services or Office of Family Assistance.

These services are offered by your nearby CSEA:

  1. Open a case for child support.
  2. Identify Paternity or Legal Parentage.
  3. Create an order for child and medical support.
  4. Options for support or payment.
  5. Put the support order into effect.
  6. Modify or terminate a support order.

Apply for Child Support Ohio

To begin the Ohio Child Support application we will download, preview and fill out the 4 page CSEA Child Support application form.


Once we start filling out the child support form, if we make a mistake we have the option to clear the form by clicking the Reset Form button. On the first page we will fill in and read the consent data.

Apply For Child Support OH Ohio

On the second page we will fill in the personal data of the applicant and the employer in case he/she applies for Child Support such as names, address, phone number, etc.

Apply For Child Support Ohio OH

The third page we finish filling out the employer’s information and complete the Absent Parent Information section.

Apply For OH Child Support Ohio

On the last page we complete the absent parent’s personal and financial information. Finally we fill in the services we want to apply for and print the form.

Apply For Ohio Child Support OH

Then we sign it and add the date.

Apply to OH Child Support Ohio

After we are done with the form we can go to any CSEA office near your county and submit it, or mail it to you. Call 1 800 686 1556 or utilize the online ODJFS County Directory to identify the CSEA in your county. Each of the 88 counties in the state has a CSEA, which is staffed by individuals who are knowledgeable about Ohio’s laws and customs and who can answer your concerns about requesting child support services and outlining your rights.

In this link you can find the contact and directories of state offices. (Click Here)

Application For Child Support OH

When requesting child support services

The CSEA may start offering services as soon as it receives an application, court order, or referral. The CSEA could need an application and extra paperwork to get going if you don’t already have an order.

Fill out an Application for Child Support Services and send it back to your county CSEA by mail or in person to get started right away. The CSEA will collaborate with you to conduct any actions required to set up your account, such as locating the other parent, proving paternity, and obtaining the order. Once an order has been placed into the system, the CSEA may work with you to make payments or get assistance while also giving you access to monitor your account online.

You should typically hear from the CSEA within 20 days.

The CSEA can help with child support services thanks to your application, but regrettably they are unable to help with the following:

  1. A divorce or dissolution petition.
  2. Alimony or spousal support.
  3. Concerns with visitation or custody.
  4. Tax reliance.
  5. Legal counsel.

OH Child Support Online Users Manual

If you do not know or understand how to use your child support account, please refer to this manual.


Oh Child Support manual

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