In this guide we will show you step by step how you can calculate child support in the state of Ohio. Taking into account the federal laws that apply in that state.

Calculate Child Support Ohio

In Ohio, courts and CSEAs are obliged to apply either the JFS 07768 (for sole or shared parenting orders) or the JFS 07769 for determining the amount of child support to be paid (for split parenting orders). If by some circumstance both parties come to have a combined gross annual income greater than $336,000 it is advisable to contact an attorney or the Child Support enforcement agency.

To acquire computation results, you will need to know the gross yearly income of at least one parent before you begin. Results will be more accurate if both involved parents’ information is included.

Income may come from a job, self-employment, workers’ compensation, unemployment, disability or retirement payments, or from other yearly sources. It may also come from overtime, bonuses, or commissions earned over the previous three calendar years.

To include in the calculation, you can wish to gather data on child care costs, health insurance premiums, current child support orders, and spousal support amounts.

How to use the OH Child Support calculator?

To use the Child Support Ohio calculator you must take into account the formats established by law which are: JFS 07767, “Basic Child Support Schedule”, JFS 07768, “Sole/Shared Child Support Worksheet”, JFS 07769, “Split Parenting Child Support Worksheet”.

Once we have reviewed the guidelines for the calculation of the obligation we enter the calculator provided by the government.


Click the Get Started button to start the calculation.

OH Child Support Ohio calculator

Once we start with the calculation of the obligation we click the button where we read and understand our application statement.


Ohio Child Support OH calculator

Calculation of Child Support OH

Within the Child Support Calculator we will select the Paternity option, and then if both parents have other minor children we will add them and click Continue to Income.

Ohio Child Support OH calculate

In this part we will enter the information about the Parent’s annual income either from an employer or self-employed, and in addition to that if you have other income on the side. Then click on the Continue to Adjustments button.

OH Child Support Ohio calculate

In this step we will add information about any benefits and/or supports you have. When you have finished entering the additional information click Continue to Results.

Calculate Ohio Child Support OH

Also if you have child care expenses you can add them by filling in the box and entering the additional information.

Calculate OH Child Support Ohio

At the end of the previous part the calculator will give us the result of the value of our Child Support. In this part it gives you the options to Print the complete worksheet, The Summary and The worksheet preview.

 Calculator OH Child Support Ohio

 Calculator OH Child Support Ohio preview

Calculator OH Child Support Ohio print

You can also Edit the above information by clicking on the Edit button in the section. Where we need to go back to the previous section where we need to add or remove data.

Calculator Ohio Child Support OH

Guidance and Instructions For Child Support Ohio Calculation

Download here the manual for calculating child support in Ohio, which follows the guidelines of the state laws. And offers guidance to perform the calculation in the most appropriate and accurate way possible.


Child Support OH Guidance calculation

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