In this article we will inform you of every particular detail of the Ohio child support obligation. Read on to understand the key points to understand what the obligation covers.

The purpose of the Ohio child support program is to assist Ohioan families. Your local county Child Support Enforcement Agency offers child support services at no extra cost, and applying is free (CSEA). Anyone living in Ohio with a kid is eligible to apply for services, which are not income-based.

These services are offered by your nearby CSEA:

  1. Open a case for child support.
  2. Identify Paternity or Legal Parentage.
  3. Create an order for child and medical support.
  4. Offer options for paying or getting support.
  5. Put the support order into effect.
  6. Modify or terminate a support order.

Encourage enforcement

The CSEA will begin enforcing the order once it is official. This involves delivering an income withholding notification to the support-paying individual’s employer (or other payor). Income withholding helps prevent the accumulation of past due accounts by ensuring that payments are received and disbursed on time. State law also requires income withholding.

The CSEA executing the order is in charge of keeping an eye on how the obligation is being paid. There are many ways to recover past-due assistance if payment of the present commitment is late, including:

  1. Increase in the amount of income being withheld to pay back unpaid support.
  2. Report on credit.
  3. Federal and state taxes are offset.
  4. Suspension of a professional or driver’s license.
  5. Earnings from Ohio’s lotteries, casinos, or racetracks intercepted.
  6. Liens.
  7. Money taken from banking institutions.
  8. Preventing payments in lump amounts or other forms.
  9. Civil disobedience.
  10. There are legal repercussions for unpaid support.

Amendment of a Support Order

A modification or adjustment to the order, also known as a change in the order, may be requested by either a parent or a guardian. Every 36 months from the date the order was created or the date of the most recent review, child support orders may be reviewed. If specific conditions are satisfied, certain orders may be evaluated earlier than the statutory time range.

How to cancel a support order

When the kid reaches 18 or graduates from high school, whichever occurs later, child support normally ceases in Ohio (not to exceed age 19). Other factors may cause an order to expire earlier than this. To guarantee that your order expires on time, please get in touch with your child support agency as early as possible. After reviewing the situation, the CSEA will either suggest that the child support order be terminated or decide that it should not.

Sending a message via the Child Support Customer Service Web Portal is an easy method to submit information about your child’s high school graduation, including the date and required paperwork. Choose “Termination of Support” as the subject in the message center. To ascertain if the child support order should really be terminated, the CSEA will launch an inquiry.

Contact Ohio Child Support

Contact Numbers

Please get in touch with the child support enforcement office in your county if you have any questions regarding your child support case. This number is located here.

  1. Phone: (800) 686-1556 Fax: (614) 752-9760 General
  2. Call Center for Child Support Customer Inquiries: (800) 686-1556 Fax: (614) 995-7159 or (614) 728-5070
  3. IVR system (Interactive Voice Response): TTY/TDD (866) 500-3784, 800 860-2555
  4. Fax (614) 466-6613 Interstate Central Registry

Location of Offices

Find your nearest office here in this directory:



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