In this Tutorial we show you how to apply for Child Support in the State of Illinois. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions.

Apply for Child Support Illinois

To apply for child support in the State of Illinois we must fill out the forms that the Department of Healthcare and Family Services shows us, once we have them we start filling them out.

It is important to have the following information for our application before filling out any form:

  1. Data of both parents of the applicant and the obligor with their respective social security number.
  2. Data of the child with his/her social security number.
  3. Additional information such as Marital Status, Place of Residence and Docket Number.

IL Child Support Application

To apply for Child Support Illinois we will follow the following steps:

Download Form HFS 1283

We will download the Child Support Application Form.


Child Support IL Application

Install Adobe Acrobat Reader Tool (If you already have it you can skip this step)

We will install the Adobe Acrobat Reader application by clicking on the PDF preview or on the Link:

IL Child Support IL Application

Child Support IL Application Adobe Acrobat Reader

Open the Form With Adobe and Complete it

Once we have the tool installed we are going to open the PDF file of the Form and start filling it with our data.

Child Support Illinois Application

When we finish filling out the form we will print it and take it or send it to the nearest Illinois child support office.

Illinois Child Support Illinois Application

Check here for the offices.


Illinois Child Support Application Online

Another option to apply for child support in Illinois is to apply online using the DHFS online form.

Enter the DHFS Online Portal

We will go directly to the Child Support IL Online Application form.


Child Support IL Application online

Completing the Offered Format

Then we will begin to complete the data in the fields that are indicated to us.When we finish filling all the data at the end we will be able to attach supporting documents and click on the Submit button.

Illinois Child Support IL Application online

Once the information has been validated by DHFS they will contact you according to the contact information you registered.

If after one month you have had no contact or information from DHFS, you may contact them at the Customer Service Center at 1-800-447-4278 or TTY: 1-800-526-5812. If it is too difficult for you to reach them, you may also contact the DHFS Customer Service Center.

Additional Information

You can also find the forms for non-custodial parents:


Illinois Child Support IL Application Form

And for the parent who doesn’t live with their Children:


IL Child Support IL Application Form

How can my support order be changed?

Every three years, or if the requirements of the child or the income of the non-custodial parent significantly change, an order for support may be subject to a modification review. A review is done to confirm balances, the job status of the non-custodial parent, and other important details before a case may be filed for modification.

Remember that the lawyer presenting the case in court must be able to demonstrate the non-custodial parent’s financial capacity. If not, the amount of the support payment can be reduced. You may seek a review of your order if you believe it requires one by calling the Maximus Customer Service line at 1-888-245-1938 or by sending a letter of request to your regional office.

The Department is not permitted to handle visitation, custody, or financial matters other than the payment of child support under the terms of 705 ILCS 5/710(c). To deal with these concerns, you may want to seek the advice of legal counsel of your choice.