In this Tutorial we will show you how to calculate your New Jersey Child Support amount, as well as how to use the free calculator provided by the government. Follow the Step-by-Step below.

Key concepts for calculating Child Support New Jersey

In order to calculate the amount of child support in NJ we must be clear on the definitions of the elements that are part of the child support calculation.

Custodial Parent, or CP

The parent who has custody of the kid is known as the custodial parent. If they have custody of the kid, a grandparent, relative, or guardian may also be the custodial parent.

Non-Custodial Parent, or NCP

The parent who does not have custody of the kid but is nevertheless obligated to provide for the child is known as the non-custodial parent.

Parenting time as a percentage

Is the period of time that the kid or children are expected to spend with a parent. The decision on parenting time and custody will be made by the court.

Parenting Together

You may use the Shared Parenting option on the New Jersey Kid Support Guidelines Calculator if your child will spend at least 28% of their overnight time (104 nights or more per year) with the non-custodial parent or if shared parenting has been mandated by the court (or if you anticipate that shared parenting will be ordered).

Parenting alone

You may use the Sole Parenting option on the New Jersey Kid Support Calculator if your child will spend less than 28% of their overnight time (less than 104 nights) with the non-custodial parent or if sole parenting has been mandated by the court (or if you anticipate that sole parenting will be ordered).

Gross revenue

  1. Pay for services received, including salaries, costs, gratuities, and commissions.
  2. A business’s operations less regular and required running costs.
  3. Gains from property transactions.
  4. Imputed earnings.
  5. Rents (minus ordinary and necessary expenses).
  6. Royalties and bonuses
  7. Amounts paid in alimony and/or separate maintenance from the present or previous relationships.
  8. A trust interest or an annuity.
  9. Contracts for endowment and life insurance.
  10. Personal injury settlements or other legal judgments; distributions from public and private retirement programs, such as Social Security, Railroad, Retirement Board, Veterans Administration, deferred compensation, Keoughs, and IRAs.
  11. A stake in a trust or a deceased person’s estate.
  12. Grants or payments for disabilities (including Social Security disability).
  13. Proposals for profit sharing.
  14. Pay for employees.
  15. Benefits from unemployment compensation.
  16. Severance money, part-time work, and overtime.
  17. Net gains from gaming.
  18. The proceeds from the sale of investments (net capital gain) or investment income.
  19. (Excluding the federal and state earned income tax credit (EITC)) Income tax credits or refunds
  20. Credits or rebates for income taxes (excluding the Federal and State Earned Income Credit and the New Jersey Homestead Rebate).
  21. Unreported payments in cash.
  22. The worth of in-kind advantages.

Calculate New Jersey Child Support Online

To calculate NJ child support, we will enter the virtual tool, fill in the fields and once everything is ready, click on Calculate Support Amount.


Calculator NJ Child Support

Immediately below it will show us the approximate amount of child support that due to the guidelines are not exact but close to what should be paid by law.

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