In this Tutorial we explain how you can calculate the amount of Child Support in New York step by step. Including law updates, follow the directions below.

Ny Child Support Calculator

You may use the Child Support Calculator to receive an estimate of how much child support a non-custodial parent may owe in New York State. It’s only a guess, and it’s been modified to account for Medicare, FICA, and New York City municipal taxes. Under specific conditions, the court may diverge from the formula. Other criteria are also taken into account when determining the quantity of the order. For further information, see the New York Child Support Standards Act.


Child Support Ny Calculator

Weekly, biweekly, monthly, or bimonthly payments are accepted. Subtract the expected yearly support amount from the payment frequency for the noncustodial parent.

New York Child Support Standards Act

The Child Support Standards Law was created to guarantee that child support awards in New York State are uniform and equitable. The idea is to provide children with the same living conditions as if their parents were married. Call the New York State child support Ny number at 888-208-4485 to learn more about the law.

According to the legislation, the basic support award is determined by a specified proportion of parental income based on the number of children for whom an order is sought.

These percentages apply to nearly all parental wages up to $163,000, excluding Medicare, FICA, and NYC tax deductions. Child or spousal support that has been paid in accordance with a court order or written agreement may also be subtracted from the child support order. Worker’s compensation, disability payments, unemployment insurance, social security, pensions, and other types of income are all examples of earnings. After $163,000, the court has the option of using the percentage standards or not.

NY Child Support Law Percentage Table

NY Child Support Law Percentage Table

The child support order must also include medical support, which includes health insurance and payments for any out-of-pocket medical expenditures incurred by the kid. If health insurance is available at a fair cost, any parent may be forced to provide coverage for the kid. If the custodial parent works or attends school, the baseline award may be adjusted to include a prorated portion of child care expenditures. The court may also raise the judgment to include a prorated part of the child’s educational expenditures.

Low-income noncustodial parents in New York are protected by state laws

If the noncustodial parent’s income is less than the Federal Poverty Level ($12,140 in 2018). Therefore the child support order may be set at $25 per month with a $500 maximum on arrears.

The child support order may be set at $50 per month if the noncustodial parent’s income is less than the New York State Self-Support Reserve ($18,347).

Calculator of New York Child Support In Post Divorce

These calculators have recently been updated to include new features. Child support can now be calculated using guideline maintenance, zero maintenance, or a different level of maintenance agreed upon by the parties.

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Child Support New York Calculator


Calculator of Child Support NY

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Child Support Ny Calculator in post Divorce

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