In this tutorial we will show you how you can receive and make Ohio child support obligation payments online. To do so, follow the step-by-step recommendations.

Each state mandates that all child support payments made to a single central place. This is known as Child Support Payment Central (CSPC) in Ohio, and it is in charge of collecting and disbursing all child support payments made in the state.

Modern technology is used by CSPC to batch, image, and process payments. Every payment that has accurate posting information is processed the same day it is received. Despite the fact that certain payments with incorrect posting information can be investigated and processed the same day they are received, some payments are sent to the exception handling unit for more investigation.

How To Receive OH Child Support Payments?

Payments must made to you online if you receive assistance in Ohio. This offers a quicker, easier, and safer method of receiving your support payments.

Choose your chosen approach from the following:

Money Transfer

Your support payments are transferred straight into your account at your banking institution when you use direct deposit. Within three working days after the day your payment was posted to your case, it should be paid into your bank account. You may find a record of your deposit on the statement you get from your banking institution. Never forget to confirm that your payment has really been transferred into your account before using the money.

Prepaid Platinum smiONE Visa Card

The Platinum smiONE Visa Prepaid Card is available via the Ohio Child Support Debit Card Program for receiving and using child support payments. After your payments are submitted to your case, they are credited to your smiONE card within one working day. Enrollment does not need a bank account.

Your smiONE card may use everywhere that accepts Visa debit cards to:

  1. Make safe purchases online or in person.
  2. Utilize the “touch to pay” option to avoid interaction.
  3. Use your mobile wallet to make payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.
  4. Withdraw money at ATMs, banks, and credit unions that bear the Fifth Bank®, Interlock®, Plus®, Visa®, or Allpoint® acceptance logos. At ATMs operated by Fifth Third Bank or Allpoint, there are no fees for cash withdrawals or any purchase transactions.

Watch the following Video Tutorial to learn more about the Receiving process.


Receive Child Support Ohio Payments

How To Make Payments of Ohio Child Support?

There are several ways to make child support payments in Ohio, among which we will introduce you.

Payments In Person

The county Child Support Enforcement Office (CSEA) has the option to collect credit card payments over the phone or walk-in payments from obligors who physically visit the agency, according to the Ohio Revised Code. To find out whether your county CSEA accepts phone or in-person payments, please give them a call. If they don’t, kindly send funds using the other methods described. To your county CSEA, do not send cheques.

(See All Office Locations)

Application For Child Support OH

Payments With Mail

You have the option of paying with a cashier’s check, personal check, or money order.
Send money orders addressed to Ohio CSPC through regular U.S. mail to:

  • Ohio CSPC
    P.O. Box 182372
    Columbus, OH 43218-2394

In addition, you must include the following information in order to make the payment in the best way:

  1. You Name.
  2. The social security number you have (optional).
  3. Case Number in SETS (10-digit number that begins with a 7).
  4. judicial order number.
  5. Amount to be used in each instance (if you have more than one case).

Make a Payment Online

To Pay Online we can use the option to Pay by Credit Card or by Checking/Savings Account Debit. Let’s log in to the Child Support Payment Portal:

Pay By Credit Card

To pay by Credit Card we go to the government payment portal and select the One-Time Credit Card Payment option.

Pay Child Support Ohio by Credit Card

Then we look at the requirements and click on Next.

Pay Oh Child Support Ohio by Credit Card

Finally we enter the data and click next and then validate the payment.

Payments OH Child Support Ohio by Credit Card

Pay By Bank Direct Deposit

If we want to pay by bank transfer, we must register and log in to the portal with our account.

Payments OH Child Support Ohio by Bank Direct Deposit

Enter your ID and click on Login.

Pay OH Child Support Ohio by Bank Direct Deposit

Then select Make Scheduled Payment.

Make Payment Child Support Tn

Then select the Amount and Payment Frequency and click on Next.

Make Payment Child Support Tennessee

Finally we validate that the data is correct.

Finish the Payment Child Support TN

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