In this tutorial we show you how to apply for child support in the State of Texas, follow the step by step instructions.

When can you Apply for Child Support in Tx?

Women who are pregnant are unable to qualify for child support. However, is an excellent time for women to start thinking about the procedure. It is possible for the mother to seek for child support after the baby is delivered. Pregnant mothers who want to petition for child support after the baby is born might get help from their favorite child support texas attorney.

If the father refuses to recognise the child’s paternity. This may cause the application for child support in Texas to take longer. Mothers may be required to request a paternity test in order to establish paternity. This might be a lengthy procedure, but it is required before child support payments can be paid.

In Texas, a parent may petition for child support as soon as the kid is born. It is, nonetheless, beneficial to get acquainted with the papers before to the child’s birth.

Apply For Child Support Texas

Contacting the attorney general office child support texas is one approach to apply for child support. In certain cases, contacting the Attorney General’s office will result in the filing of a child support claim on your behalf. Parents who have received government aid should file a child support petition with the Attorney General’s office.

In Texas, you may also apply for child support via the attorney general child support texas website. To apply for child support, you may use an online application form. You may also request that a paper application be sent to your house for you to complete.

If you are going to contact the office you should have the following information on hand to expedite the process:

  1. Number of Social Security
  2. Number of Driver’s License
  3. History of Employment
  4. Phone or Cell Phone Number
  5. Alternative contact information
  6. Information of Attorney. But If you have someone Representing you.

Apply For Child Support Tx By Mail

Click here to begin filling out the Application Form. Once filled out Click on the Sumbit button.

Apply Child Support Tx Mail

Apply Child Support Texas Mail

You can also call (800) 252 8014 to receive a form in your mailbox.

Apply For Child Support Tx Online

To apply online for child support, go to the Attorney General’s website.

Child Support Texas Login Account

Once inside the platform, select the Apply For Services option and then click on the Apply for Services button.

child support texas login in custodial parent

When you apply for services, the site will start asking you a few questions to fill out the online application form.

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After answering the initial questions, we get to the online application part. We click on the Apply online button to start our application.

pay child support texas online

The following is a summary of the form and the information required to complete the process. Continue by clicking on the “Click Here To Begin” button.

modification child support texas

If you started the application online you can save the data and exit as this process is extensive and you need to have the correct data. Then you start with the personal data of the custodial parent. We will select the options and fill in the fields indicated.

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Subsequently, if there is a case, we come to the part of the non-custodial parent and the biological parent. We continue filling out the data of the person that is requested and we continue.

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Immediately upon completion of the parent’s information, we will request the information of the child for whom we are applying for Texas child support. Then we add the child, fill in the child’s information, save the information and finish adding the child.

attorney general child support texas

apply child support texas

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Then comes the Relationship Information and the legal information. We answer until we get to the end.


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child support in texas Legal info

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When we finish filling out all the information requested, we will see a summary of all the fields where we can edit our information, if we missed any field or we made a mistake in any data. If everything is OK, click on Continue.

child support texas paternity

child support texas paternity info

Finally we fill in the fields indicated, fill in the boxes in which we agree and click on Submit Application.

office of the attorney general child support texas

child support texas Submit Application

This concludes our Texas Child Support Application process. It is time to wait for the response after review by the Attorney General’s office. This may take a couple of weeks.

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