This guide will explain the basic concepts necessary to learn how to calculate Texas child support. Please follow the next prompts very carefully.

Child Support Texas How Much to Pay

To find out how much child support to pay in Texas, we must first identify the types of income, then calculate the income, and finally calculate the amount of child support.

How to identify the types of income?

Before identifying the different sources of income, consider whether the court has decided that you are unemployed or intentionally underemployed. If so, higher income may be imputed to you for purposes of calculating child support in Texas. This implies the court will compute your income based on your anticipated profits rather than your actual earnings.

This is the income that is part of the basis for the child support calculation:

  1. All earnings from salaries and wages, as well as tips, overtime, bonuses, and commissions.
  2. Earnings from self-employment and a company.
  3. Income from royalties, interest, and dividends.
  4. Pensions, social security, and retirement benefits.
  5. Benefits for disability, unemployment, and workers’ compensation.
  6. Annuities, trust income, and capital gains are all examples of sources of income.
  7. Prizes and gifts.
  8. Rental income (net).
  9. Alimony.
  10. For children from a previous marriage, child support is paid.

The following types of income are not part of the basis for calculating child support in texas:

  1. Any new spouse’s earnings or assets.
  2. Receivables (accounts receivable).
  3. Return of primary or capital.
  4. Expenses incurred as a result of government support programs.
  5. Payments for foster care.

How to Calculate the Income For Child Support Texas?

To assess your net income, the court will put all sources of income together and remove the following items:

  1. Income taxes are levied both at the federal and state levels.
  2. Union dues; Social Security taxes or payments to non-discretionary retirement plans.
  3. The amount you pay for health and dental insurance for your children, as well as uninsured medical bills.

Once the court has calculated your annual net income, it divides it by 12 to determine your monthly net income.

For Example, If You make $50,000 per year, pay 20% in taxes, and spend $3,000 per year on medical and dental insurance and costs for your children. For child support purposes, your net income will be $37,000 per year, or $3,083 per month.

How to Calculate the Child Support Texas Amount Obligation?

Depending on your total net income calculation, child support in Texas will be calculated. The law establishes 2 ways to calculate child support depending on whether the base of your net income is less or more than $9200 per month.

If your monthly net income is less than or equal to $9200, take into account the percentage child support texas:

  • One child = 20% of Net Income or Resources
  • Two children = 25% of Net Income or Resources
  • Three children = 30% of Net Income or Resources
  • Four children = 35% of Net Income or Resources
  • Five children = 40% of Net Income or Resources
  • Six or More children = at least 40% of Net Income or Resources

For Example, you have 2 children and your Net Income or Resources per month are $3083, you have to pay $771 per month in Texas Child Support.

If your net income or monthly resources are more than $9200 per month, child support will be calculated as follows:

  • The same proportion as before, but only on your first $9,200 in net income or less.
  • Up to 100% of your children’s genuine requirements may be met.

For Example, you have 3 children and earn $30000 per month, you would pay at least $2,760 per month (30% of $9,200). But, If your children’s real monthly requirements are $6,000, the court may order you to pay up to $6,000 every month.

Other Methods of Determining Child Support Texas

Please note that in addition to the above child support calculations, other methods of calculating the amount of child support may arise if a court so decides. This usually happens if the court determines that the amount set forth in the guidelines is “unjust or unreasonable under the circumstances”.

If there is a circumstance that requires a different calculation than the court’s child support amount, the child support texas laws should be consulted.

Child Support Texas Calculator

If you are having trouble calculating your texas child support amount, use this Updated Child Support Calculator. (Click Here)

Child Support Texas Calculator


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